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Color TV manufacturers are frequent losses OLED insurable earnings?

Date:2015/11/4 18:28:54 Popularity:1647

China's five largest color TV giant, three losses. Global and China's color TV consumer market both in the doldrums, to suffering from price wars and product structure problems of the domestic color TV enterprises a punch. In the severe market crisis, the change of color TV enterprises, has been in the past two years, the initiative to upgrade to the imminent, urgent".
From the trend of the global color TV industry, LCD TV saturation decline has become a foregone conclusion. Including Samsung, LG, SONY and other manufacturers of sales are reduced or slowed, while in the UHD 4K TV, OLED TV and other high-end TV, still maintain a large growth.
For the Chinese market, the popularity of 4K TV has entered the track, China's five largest color TV manufacturers to obtain the absolute right to talk in the domestic market. But, after all, the popularity of 4K TV has been over the past three years, in the consumer downturn, the need for new products to meet consumer demand for higher products.
Launched a better quality, experience more OLED TV sales projects, will be the key to the domestic color TV giants get rid of the crisis of the product.
From a technical point of view, OLED organic TV in terms of quality, color, response speed and so on are much better than LCD tv. In addition, color TV industry ten years a replacement cycle, LCD TV in China is in 2005 and 2006 began to spread and now has come to the end of the industry cycle, color TV products of regime change is inevitable trend, and updating speed will better than LCD TV replace CRT TV faster and on a larger scale.
Come back to see, why did Hisense and SKYWORTH color TV giant can keep the profit? In addition to the two is a color TV enterprises, brand influence and channel advantages, the other key is OLED.
SKYWORTH naturally needless to say, the first in the world production of 4 color 4KOLED organic tv. In this area of technical reserves for many years, and the upstream panel manufacturing enterprise LGD in Guangzhou 8.5 generation panel line and joint venture, has been the depth of the supplier. SKYWORTH TV business in a profitable a method Jue is and suppliers joint technology development, promotion, low cost and high efficiency.
From the National Day golden week, SKYWORTH OLED 4K organic TV sales, domestic consumers of new products is also higher than the LCD tv. Organic OLED TV why LCD TV has more advantages than, because OLED is self luminous and does not require a backlight. Even if you turn out the lights, and it also has perfect contrast and OLED is the electronic control, reaction speed Ultrafast, LCD is the need for a backlight, so often the light leakage, difficult to present pure black.
Hisense, although Hisense's flagship ULED TV and laser TV concept. But we do not forget, Hisense ULED LCD TV is also take OLED to do the comparison of organic tv. So objectively speaking, in the battle of the previous line of color TV, Hisense is also one of the beneficiaries of OLED organic tv.
At least, the two leading companies are concerned about the development of OLED organic TV, and precisely the two companies in the winter of the color TV industry is not only profitable, but also profitable growth, sales are still growing. This has been very clear that the TV industry launched OLED TV project, the consumer is a very good incentive, but also help the industry out of the plight of LCD tv.
LCD TV is an era of dominance. Now a lot of upgraded version of the LED LCD TV, picture quality, sound, design are very good. We do not deny that, in the case of shortage of funds, LCD TV is still the best choice for consumers. High profile flagship OLED organic TV SKYWORTH, 4K LCD TV sales are much higher than the industry level.
In essence, the current LCD TV sales and the popularity of OLED TV is not a contradiction of the conflict, but a gradual replacement of the relationship. Consumer demand is present, but the development of color TV industry and the industry obviously not present and consumer demand delimit equal sign.
You know, LG has curly, and transparent OLED organic TV prototypes in R & D, Samsung is not idle. If China's color TV companies remain in the era of LCD TV, for the entire domestic industry development and product upgrading is very unfavorable. And China's high-end color TV consumer groups and a lot of great demand, the purchasing power is also very strong. SKYWORTH in the National Day period to organic OLED TV made advertised products, that Chinese people also with practical action to support domestic products, support China's independent brands of color TV development.

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